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2016 Summer Season

NCT's 26th Season!



by Steven Dietz

Directed by Gina Kaufmann

June 16-25


by Donald Margulies
Directed by Nicole Ricciardi

July 14-23

New Century Theatre opens its 2016 season with an edge-of-your-seat thriller. Set in the crumbling New York City bar that Adam has recently inherited from his father, he and his fiancé plan for their upcoming wedding while dealing with the bar’s curious clientele. These customers include an aging barfly who has a conspiracy theory for everything, especially 9/11, and a mysterious stranger of few words who blurs the line between conspiracy theory and reality. Saying too much more would spoil this captivating, puzzling play by one of America’s most prolific playwrights.


Pulitzer Prize-winner Donald Marguiles has crafted an insightful, stylish, and splendid theatrical experience in TIME STANDS STILL. Iraq war photojournalist Sarah Goodwin is recovering in America from severe injuries suffered in a roadside bomb blast. As she recuperates in her Brooklyn loft with her longtime lover James, she wrestles with some sudden, and at times hilarious, mid-life crises. As those around her continue to live in the safety of a world without war, she must decide whether to embrace that same world or go back to the life she loves in Iraq—a world filled with danger, misery and moral compromise.




by Stephen Sachs

June 30-July 9

Directed by Sam Rush


by Cheryl West
Directed by Gilbert McCauley

July 28–August 6

Unemployed Maude Gutman, living in a trailer and knocked about by life, buys a $3 painting at a tag sale as a joke and discovers it just might be a Jackson Pollock original, worth millions. She invites cultured art expert, Lionel Percy, to her California home to authenticate the work. When he hesitates to acknowledge the painting as authentic, the sparks fly between the pair as the debate rages through the night. A funny, moving play that explores questions of art, self-worth, class and the nature of criticism, BAKERSFIELD MIST is a play that will have you laughing while you cry.


Humorist and author Erma Bombeck once said, “Guilt is the gift that keeps on giving.” She could have been talking about Cheryl West’s heartwarming dramatic comedy set in a Chicago suburb. A quartet of single African-American women, spanning four generations, come together in celebration of their great grand- mother, MaDear’s 90th Birthday. Filled with all the resentment, love, accusations and humor that any family reunion brings, JAR THE FLOOR has been hailed as “Boisterous, earthy, enraged and insightful” (Seattle Times) and “ of the wisest plays I’ve seen in ages” (USA Today). Don’t miss this laugh-filled and poignant closer to NCT’s 26th season.


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Performance Times:
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 7:30pm
Friday and Saturday at 8:00pm
and Sunday: Matinee at 2:00pm, Pizza & a Play at 7:30pm


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